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The other day I actually opened up a piece of junk mail.  You know those local coupon envelopes you opened once to learn you should just keep throwing them away?  For some reason I didn’t.  It must have been some cosmic force that prompted me to open it up while chatting on the phone.  I leafed through the coupons and found one that made the paper cut worth it. Next week I’m switching over to bio fuel for our heating system.

Simply Green is a company located in Portsmouth, NH.  They provide a heating oil alternative made from soybeans and animal fat.  Designed to work in current oil systems, it costs about the same as traditional heating oil.  It burns cleaner and and cuts back on my family’s fossil fuel usage.  Amazingly all I have to do is call for delivery.  How easy is that?

Timothy Adam is not only an amazing metal artist, but he is a pretty neat guy.  I have seen many of his helpful hints in my web travels.  I thought I would share his latest.  Handmadeology is a site dedicated to teaching creatives how to sell online.  The first class starts January 26th, although the information will be up for you to read at any time after.  Join me!

The internet is a wonderful place for those that embrace change.  I embrace change so well I’m afraid I squeeze it a bit too tight.  I’m  never happy to sit still with one sales venue.  I explore and keep looking for the next great thing.   I have stumbled on a new one that just might be it. 

Artfire is a site similar to Etsy.  They have a front page showcase of products that is constantly updated as new items are listed.  Sellers have studios where all their products are listed in categories.   Listing is a one page deal and much easier to use than many sites I have encountered.  Probably the single most important item for me is the seller statistics.  I love being able to track views and where they came from. 

Being brand new, Artfire still has plenty of bugs to work out.  The search continues to improve daily and you can express your ideas and concerns on their forum.  Part of me is rather excited to be watching the site develop and grow.  The neat thing is you can sign up now wrenches and all, for a flat rate of $7 a month for the life of the site.  I spend that just listing on Etsy in a week.  I’m willing to take a chance signing up early will pay off.  After the first 5,000 sellers sign up the deal goes away.

Now Etsy has been very good to me and I won’t be leaving anytime soon.  But I’m a firm believer in keeping all my options open and exploring new things.  Interested?  You can sign up here.

I just love sharing the trivial.  Have you heard about Woot?  A site that sells one thing at one low price for one day until it runs out.  Buy nifty gadgets for a bargain.  But, if you have my sense of humor you’ll find shirt woot even more fun.  Click on a few past t-shirts to see what I mean.  Guess which two I got for my kids?

About  a week ago I returned from a vacation in Venice.  It is the most amazing city I have ever seen.  Days of walking or taking a boat to get places, eating amazing pasta, drinking red wine from mid-afternoon on and all the glass made it a trip I would make again and again.

Here’s a quick look for now, but I’ll be back with more: