September 2007


My son discovered something wonderful this morning.  Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine is going to be powered by wind. Really quite fascinating when I consider the troubles wind can cause a ski area. So often the chairs on the higher sections can’t run because of high winds. Wonderful powdery snow gets swept away instantly with big gusts of wind.When I read about wind speeds I use my experiences in the wind at Sugarloaf as a benchmark to fathom the feeling.

It warms my heart to hear about Sugarloaf making efforts to lessen their impact on the environment. I have skied at Sugarloaf since 1970I have seen the mountain grow and make fantastic changes. I’ve lost some of my favorite little pieces and gained others. I’m very pleased and proud to see wind power become Sugarloaf’s source of power. This is certainly a change that doesn’t leave me twisting in the wind, or does it ?





This past weekend I embarked on my first serious shopping trip with my nine year old daughter.  After two years of wearing uniforms she was in serious need of a fashion make-over.  While we had purchased school clothes just a month ago we both knew the cool factor was to be determined.  After three weeks of school she knew.  Off we went in search of the right look. 

As we were in the dressing room I realized how much fun I was having.  My daughter has a great sense of style and the perfect little body for clothes.  While she certainly holds her own playing with the boys next door, she still likes pretty.  I loved watching her twirl in the mirror and turn from side to side to see the entire look.  She was simply happy with the clothes and her choices.  

It was an afternoon I will cherish.  I wish I could trap her joy in a bottle to be opened a few years from now.  Imagine a teenage angst moment when all the clothes are strewn around her room.  She thinks she is ugly and everything looks awful.  How wonderful it would be to pour out the bottle and let her drink in the happiness of feeling pretty.

But I can’t.  So for now I will enjoy these special moments. Bottle them up in my heart and pour them out to her when I can.



The temperatures are dropping and in my neck of the woods the first frost is around the corner.  I love the look of the morning mist rising from frozen grass warming up.  It is the perfect backdrop for eerie old trees and spooky October thoughts.  Having a fascination with Stephen King novels and ghostly things I have always wanted to see a real ghost.  Oh sure I can scare the heck out of myself by pretending something is behind me, and noticing sounds I never heard before.  But never have I come around a corner to run into a cold spot or seen something out of the corner of my eye.

Some tell me it is because I really don’t believe.  I don’t buy it.  People love to prove each other wrong.  Why wouldn’t a ghost?  If you know one, would you ask her to stop by?

I did make an exciting discovery.  I’m a bit excited about a new book of short stories coming out.  Joe Hill is a fantastic writer I found a few months ago.  He wrote Heart Shaped Box.  His latest book about to be released is 20th Century Ghosts  I am looking forward to the collection of short stories to scare myself each night before bed.  Who knows, maybe after I finish I will really believe.

If you visit Joe’s site be sure to play the game.  Let me know what level you reach.

One of my passions is my garden.  Well I suppose I should say one of my passions is starting gardens.  We have moved 10 times in my 12 years of marriage. At each house I have planned, moved and planted numerous plants.  I have my favorites and usually get to see at least one year of my efforts. I often wonder what my legacy of gardens by Susan looks like.  I hope all the new home owners love lilies, irises, daffodils and daisy shaped flowers.

This year is a bit more serious.  We actually plan on living here for the next 10 years.  My first instinct is to get all I need and embark on a planting frenzy.  But what on earth would I do for the next 9 years?  Do I even know how to just maintain a garden?  I fear I don’t.  I suppose I may spend time moving things around. But what if I long to plant 100 or so bulbs?  And what if I decide one day I really don’t care for lilies this year?  I’m not sure I’m ready for such a commitment.  I’ve only just gotten use to marriage.


A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.  ~Author Unknown  

When I first began making beads I studied successful bead sellers.  I wanted to take what they did best and make it mine. One of those bead makers was Kaye Husko.  I was impressed with how well she managed to make a name for herself and could sell pretty flower beads for a good price.  A short time after I began my quest I met Kaye.  I fell into friendship with her the way you do when you are 8.  We talked on top of each other, found the same things silly and never ran out of things to say. She purposely spent time giving me tips on marketing and making pretty floral beads.  She reached out her hand to help me just because of who she is.  I received a birthday gift from her today and the moment I saw it I heard her laugh, saw her smile and felt her love.  There is nothing quite like the joy a true friend can bring.  Thank you Kaye.


  My love for the internet keeps growing.  I had a wonderful small world moment tonight.  I am in the midst of organizing a collaborative blog group.  Collective Creatives is a group of artists sharing their thoughts on the creative process and its place in their lives.  In my quest for participants I posted on a independent artist networking board.  A member checked out the site and clicked on someone’s link.  She learned about Modern Savages and decided to blog about it.  It just so happens I belong to Modern Savages as well.  Now I must admit the idea came about after seeing another cooperative marketing effort Watch Me Create.  So please read Michele’s Blog About Crafts. What goes around comes around, and sometimes in a really good way.  Know any other collaborative marketing sites for independent creatives?  Please share.






This is Grampy.  He is one of the fish my daughter gave her brother the day she was born.  My son wasn’t even two, he had to have something since Mommy got a new baby, right?  Well, Mommy’s new baby was rather time consuming and Grampy and Grammy his bowl-mate, lived in dirty water more often than not.  Somehow they seemed to like it.  All was fine until the day Mommy decided to take a cool fish picture.  Seems the fish bowl would not fit on the window sill.  Well gosh, how about a big balloon styled wine glass?  I’m guessing if fish could truly express themselves this was a face of pure rage.  Poor Grampy swam around and around in that darn glass the entire time.  Mommy kept clicking away hoping for just one good shot.  I think she got it, don’t you? 

And Grampy?  He lived a long fish life of about 3 years. Must have been the red wine.



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