December 2007

Right now my children think New Hampshire is heaven on earth.  They love snow as much as I do.  And boy do we have snow.  Not only have they had two snow days off from school, but they go to schools that encourage playing outside at recess.

In the past, my children went to schools that had indoor recess when there was snow on the ground.  As a New England native, I couldn’t imagine the reasoning.  I clearly remember the fun of a snowy playground.  If you live in an area that gets snow in the winter why shouldn’t you enjoy it?

Fortunately my children will always think the same thing.  Now that we live in New Hampshire, they get to frolic in the snow every single winter day.  I don’t have the luxury of playing in the snow all day, but I do get to look out my windows.  Isn’t it beautiful? 




On Flaming Hot I asked glass artists how they measure their businesses success and stay focused.  I’m sure it is no surprise I sit down and write out my goals and objectives each year. I’m a list person, I can’t help it.

I split my goals into three categories.  The first is financial.  I have a monthly sales number I try to meet.  The second is educational.  I determine the glass techniques I wish to master and how I’m going to make it happen.  

My third category is all about my feel good factor.  I’m not sure of the word to use.  I focus on helping other lampworkers get started,  new art business people work more efficiently, educating the public about glass and art businesses and get my name out there in the process.  I suppose you could call it networking with a humanitarian focus.

I do find pleasure in setting goals and meeting them.  They keep me on track and feeling productive. I don’t get a weekly paycheck or a glowing evaluation from my boss, but I can check things off my list.

Yesterday I posted an article about style on Collective Creatives.  But it occured to me, after I read Lisa’s comment, I left out something very important.  I didn’t discuss how style can change as we evolve.

Now I could go in depth with how my style has changed, but I think just  a few key words ought to do the trick:



Night Life



Sleep Deprived


Perhaps my serene, dreamy style is a desire to balance my lifestyle?  

Do you ever feel like you get it done this time of year?  I try, I really do.  I start off with a list, and I make sub lists and then, I seem to lose one.  I spend precious time looking for it only to have to remake the list.  I asked beadmakers on Flaming Hot to answer how they get it done in their business.

Fortunatley I’m  very organized about running my business.  I have a ritual Sunday night of making my weekly list of things to get done.  In addition I keep myself on track by keeping a daily schedule.  Check emails, print invoices, pack up boxes and ship packages are the first things I do each morning.  When my paperwork chores are done I can torch.  While I can’t always create on demand, I do have a check list of design types I try to work on each week.  I focus on getting my orders completed at the beginning of the week and let the time left be free for whatever comes to mind.  It keeps the little things from slipping through the cracks.  Finally, during homework time I get my internet work done.  I list auctions, edit pictures and most importantly, write blog entries.