January 2008

Today on Flaming Hot I asked members to talk about the little things in their glass world.  The topic came to me when I was digging for candy in a box of packing peanuts.  One of my favorite glass suppliers, Frantz Art Glass throws a handful of candy in the box of glass rods.  I hate to admit it, but I look forward to the candy and have no problem digging for every single piece.

It takes just a few moments to make many customers happy.  Something as simple as a few pieces of candy can give them a warm fuzzy memory associated with you.  Oh sure, some people don’t care.  And of course you do run the risk of annoying someone.  But for the most part, a nice gesture shows the customer they are appreciated.

I remember when I first started selling my beads I had fond memorys of buying beads from particular artists.  One sent me a pen with her business name.  I still have it!  And I think of her each time I refind it.  Another sent me a bonus bead or two. 

I decided to adopt the bonus bead policy.  In the beginning, I had many beads that didn’t quite make the first quality cut but were still usable. I was a bit random with my bonus beads at first.  But the thank yous made me realize people loved them too.  While my seconds are not so common these days, I almost always have a test bead or extra spacers.  I put one or two in each package going out the door. 

So many little things in life give me joy.  A smile, a door held open or a piece of candy puts a bounce in my step.  Today, I am going to concentrate on what little things I can do for someone else. 


I found a wonderful calender in my Vogue magazine yesterday.  Showing pictures of real sized models in bright colors, there are a few weight loss tips and a section to record your weight and goals. I then noticed it was an advertisement for Alli, an OTC weight loss pill.  Curious, I googled to find out more.  Read this article from a Mayo Clinic expert.

I did a bit of mental math and discovered the most you could expect to cut from you daily intake is about 200 calories.  That would mean you could lose a pound in about 13 days. With a cost of about $60 a month, you buy one pound of weight loss for $30. 

Then I read the side effects.  I won’t go into it, but the oily residue seeping from my backside did not appeal to me one bit.   Of course I don’t know if I would experience the side effect, but I’m not willing to find out.

I have another plan.  I think for each pound lost with the plain old eat less and exercise more technique one would earn $30.  Just think, you lose 5 pounds and you have earned $150. 15 pounds would be $450.  Now that is a nice sum to spend on new clothes, don’t you think?

Hey, Alli may be the answer you are looking for.  If it works, good for you.  But I’m going to put less in my body and spend my money on something I would like to have instead of something I want to lose.

set of florals!  It’s true; more often than not I sit down at the torch and make a set of florals.  I really love the peaceful feeling I get when I make florals.  It is the same feeling I get walking around my gardens. In response to Flaming Hot’s Blog It; But why do I make florals? 

Maybe it is the dot  placement.  It does have to be consistant and I find the repetitive motion hypnotic.  It lets my mind wander and think deep thoughts, or trivial ones.  It lets me explore new ideas and think about what I will create next.  It helps me get into a groove and ready to try more difficult techniques.

Once, florals were what I strived to master.  Now, they are what I do to warm up. Whatever the reason, I still look at my florals with satisfaction.  I feel as if I have made something pretty and am still proud to show them off.

I vow to complete one dangling project each month this year.

 wait, I should make that bold….

I vow to complete one dangling project each month this year.

What should it be for January?  Hmm, this could be a project in itself.  Here is my outline:


Mikes sweater

My beaded sweater

Claudia’s sweater

Stefan’s hat

My mittens

Kaye’s mittens

The felted purse

Uh, oh.  Just my knitting projects could take me into the summer.   


I vow to finish one knitting project each month.

Think I’ll do it?  😀

13 winters ago I met my husband.  I was a ski instructor and he was a private lesson.  Within months I moved from Breckenridge, Colorado to Atlanta, Georgia. I went from skiing almost every possible ski day to barely a week a year.  But this year… I’m a weekend warrior. 

My children are old enough, we live close enough and our weekends are all about skiing.  I pack up the clothes fresh from the dryer, rush about to get the house clean on Friday and am ready to go when my youngest gets out of school.  I know I’m the most excited to leave, but my children seem the least anxious to return. It warms my heart.

I think Mother Nature must know.  She has blessed the New England Mountains with glorious amounts of snow this year.  She is presenting New England skiing with flair.  My children are falling hard and fast for skiing.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

When I look at their flushed faces and listen to their stories about the day I realize what a wonderful gift my parents gave me.  I feel blessed to give it to my children as well.  I can’t think of a better way to spend the winter weekends.  Fortunately I don’t have to.