April 2008

How often do we drive to a store, walk up to the door only to find they aren’t open?  It’s life, and we deal.  But what about internet business?  Sure I work some wierd hours, but how does someone know when your actually open for instant email responses?  (Because we wouldn’t actually want to pick up the phone.)

I could post actual hours.  Ah, but that would be too much like the real world and what if I have a sudden burst of creativity and spend hours away from the computer?  What if I just don’t feel like it?  Too scheduled for me.  Sorry, that idea is out. Next!

Perhaps a web cam you could monitor?  You know, something pointing right at my face so you can watch my every facial expression as I read emails, do shipping and edit pictures.   Would that be fun?  Not happening.  That would mean I might have to brush my hair or make sure my sweatshirt didn’t have a big stain down the front.  Actually I would have to buy new sweatshirts.  Even worse, you might catch what I am eating and not be very impressed with my attempt to fit into my summer wardrobe.  Nope, next idea.

Maybe a cute little light on my site that is green when I’m in and red when I’m out.  Do you suppose I could have lots of colors?  Like purple when I feeling funny or yellow when I’m happy and black for when you probably want to try again later?  Hmmm, of course I have no clue how to make one, or turn it on and off.  But, maybe… 

Oh I know!  I think I’ll just keep promising to check emails often and answer within 24 hours.  Besides, you all know I never wait that long.  And the best part,  you never have to go back home until I’m open again.  I’ll get back to you.






As many of you know, I’m a list person.  I have running lists in my head, on my desk, in my computer and various other places.  It isn’t uncommon for me to find an old list tucked away in some corner of my studio.   

Some days my lists are overwhelming.  I feel as if I need a list of which list should be tackled first.   Lately, I’ve been in the too many lists mode.  I tried to bail myself out, ….really.

I thought I had found the perfect solution for organinzing myself. I put up a big white board in my studio.  I can put numerous lists on it and it’s right there.  No getting tangled in the contents of my pocketbook, no slipping between notes and papers, it is easy to find.  But, it’s all wrong.  Practical, but wrong.  

With my paper list I felt great satisfaction throwing away the completed list.  If I was particularly thrilled with finishing a dreaded deed, I could tear the list with a vengance.  Ah, the satisfaction.  But now, I erase.  Using a soft cloth… ok, a saliva covered finger, I erase the finished item.  Then I can fill in the hole with something new.   The darn list never goes away!  And how satisfying is it to erase?  It doesn’t even make noise.

I suppose I will get comfortable with this wonderful new system.  It will help me with productivity.  It will be a fabulous tool I can’t live without.  But, forgive me if every once in a while, I write down my accomplishments, cross them out and then tear up the paper.