May 2008

Guitar Hero. 

I’m totally addicted.  It helps that I was pretty successful right out of the gate.  But, it’s feeding my childhood secret desire.  I am dreaming of being a rock star.  I’ve got a cool star shaped guitar and wear just a bra with my jeans.  How cool am I?

When my youngest started going to school she asked me what I did when she was gone.   I would tease her and say I played with her dolls or set up awesome Brio train tracks.  Now, I just may be telling the truth when I say I played guitar hero all day.  And, she’ll probably believe me. 

Know any top secret cheater codes?



In the business of art, one spends countless hours playing with other mediums.  Often you decide something would be a nice addition to what you do.  And other times you can’t resist the calling of something fresh and different.  It may be a new way to express yourself or just a challenge.   I call it R&D.  “No dear, it isn’t another project, it’s R&D”


When approaching a new medium you usually need a new tool.  It’s only natural I would go beyond the local hardware store to the mighty internet.  It has nothing to do with not being able to see the sales clerk roll his eyes at my questions, nor does it have anything to do with the fact I only need to move my fingers to search for something.  It has to do with the almighty newsletter.  My evil temptress?  Harbor Freight. 


Now, you may need to skip this next part.  If you are particularly weak when it comes to a bargain, a new tool or the possibilities of enhancing your creative endeavors, you may need to overlook what I am about to say.  Because when it comes to the art of Motherhood, no tool is beyond consideration.


The latest Harbor Freight newsletter had a few morsels I would like to share:


First up, the non-contact infrared thermometer, think of the uses!  I can take my “I can’t go to school today, I’m sick.” child’s temperature as I walk by her room.  Or I can decide if I want to wear a sweatshirt by aiming it out the front door.  Did that car just pull in the driveway, let me check the engine.  I wonder, can I check the temperature of the oven?  All for only $29.99.


How about the 4 gallon back pack sprayer?  Imagine the possibilities there.  Fill it with sunscreen and yell, “Get your goggles on, line up and let’s get ready for the beach!”  Going for a walk in the woods?  Let me help you with that bug spray.  Hey, you could even wash the car without tripping over the hose.  How about the ability to satiate the “Mom, I’m thirsty!”  I think it sounds fun….


But, my favorite this week is the ooga air horn for a mere $12.99.  Is it not the perfect thing to call the kids in for dinner?  Or wake up that sleeping teen? Get my husband’s attention when I know he isn’t listening? (or reading my blog ) 


Whew, thank you for letting me share.  I now think I can resist the urge to purchase any of the above.  I’m safe, until next week.