June 2008

My iron, that is.  I rarely iron.  I can’t even think of what I would iron for myself, but I will iron for my children if needed.  I may have found another way I would consider ironing.  You know, if I can’t seem to find my way to fame through glass.

Extreme Ironing, oh yes I’m talking about the fine sport of ironing.  The actual ironing part isn’t the sport so much as getting to the spot you will iron.  I suppose once you are there you would be foolish not to iron.  After all, it was the whole point of doing the extreme activity in the first place.  And, you need to take that picture for the website gallery.

But, I have a problem with this extreme ironing thing.  How do you get the items back without wrinkling all over again?  No, I think something along the lines of extreme dusting might be more worthwhile. 

Yes, now that I think about it (and you do know I just found the extreme ironing link minutes before writing this, right?) extreme dusting has more purpose.  First off, it is a renewable resource sort of thing.  No matter where you dust, someone else can always come along and dust again.  You never limit the opportunity.  Secondly, you only need a cloth and maybe a bit of spit to dampen it.  Easy, peasy.  But finally, you leave behind your mark, fleeting as it may be.  Isn’t that what we all long to do anyway? 


Marcy Lamberson has it.  Her beads are cute.  I mean that in the nicest way.  They really are cute.  Flying pink pigs, happy babies and litte peas; they all make me go aawwww. 

She is clever too.  I love bonehead.  Her beads make me smile and browse in awe.  The ones I keep returning to are the puppies.  They tug at my heart every time.  Only this time, I bought one.