The other day I actually opened up a piece of junk mail.  You know those local coupon envelopes you opened once to learn you should just keep throwing them away?  For some reason I didn’t.  It must have been some cosmic force that prompted me to open it up while chatting on the phone.  I leafed through the coupons and found one that made the paper cut worth it. Next week I’m switching over to bio fuel for our heating system.

Simply Green is a company located in Portsmouth, NH.  They provide a heating oil alternative made from soybeans and animal fat.  Designed to work in current oil systems, it costs about the same as traditional heating oil.  It burns cleaner and and cuts back on my family’s fossil fuel usage.  Amazingly all I have to do is call for delivery.  How easy is that?



My son discovered something wonderful this morning.  Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine is going to be powered by wind. Really quite fascinating when I consider the troubles wind can cause a ski area. So often the chairs on the higher sections can’t run because of high winds. Wonderful powdery snow gets swept away instantly with big gusts of wind.When I read about wind speeds I use my experiences in the wind at Sugarloaf as a benchmark to fathom the feeling.

It warms my heart to hear about Sugarloaf making efforts to lessen their impact on the environment. I have skied at Sugarloaf since 1970I have seen the mountain grow and make fantastic changes. I’ve lost some of my favorite little pieces and gained others. I’m very pleased and proud to see wind power become Sugarloaf’s source of power. This is certainly a change that doesn’t leave me twisting in the wind, or does it ?