Today on Flaming Hot I asked members to talk about the little things in their glass world.  The topic came to me when I was digging for candy in a box of packing peanuts.  One of my favorite glass suppliers, Frantz Art Glass throws a handful of candy in the box of glass rods.  I hate to admit it, but I look forward to the candy and have no problem digging for every single piece.

It takes just a few moments to make many customers happy.  Something as simple as a few pieces of candy can give them a warm fuzzy memory associated with you.  Oh sure, some people don’t care.  And of course you do run the risk of annoying someone.  But for the most part, a nice gesture shows the customer they are appreciated.

I remember when I first started selling my beads I had fond memorys of buying beads from particular artists.  One sent me a pen with her business name.  I still have it!  And I think of her each time I refind it.  Another sent me a bonus bead or two. 

I decided to adopt the bonus bead policy.  In the beginning, I had many beads that didn’t quite make the first quality cut but were still usable. I was a bit random with my bonus beads at first.  But the thank yous made me realize people loved them too.  While my seconds are not so common these days, I almost always have a test bead or extra spacers.  I put one or two in each package going out the door. 

So many little things in life give me joy.  A smile, a door held open or a piece of candy puts a bounce in my step.  Today, I am going to concentrate on what little things I can do for someone else.