set of florals!  It’s true; more often than not I sit down at the torch and make a set of florals.  I really love the peaceful feeling I get when I make florals.  It is the same feeling I get walking around my gardens. In response to Flaming Hot’s Blog It; But why do I make florals? 

Maybe it is the dot  placement.  It does have to be consistant and I find the repetitive motion hypnotic.  It lets my mind wander and think deep thoughts, or trivial ones.  It lets me explore new ideas and think about what I will create next.  It helps me get into a groove and ready to try more difficult techniques.

Once, florals were what I strived to master.  Now, they are what I do to warm up. Whatever the reason, I still look at my florals with satisfaction.  I feel as if I have made something pretty and am still proud to show them off.