Today on Flaming Hot I asked members to talk about the little things in their glass world.  The topic came to me when I was digging for candy in a box of packing peanuts.  One of my favorite glass suppliers, Frantz Art Glass throws a handful of candy in the box of glass rods.  I hate to admit it, but I look forward to the candy and have no problem digging for every single piece.

It takes just a few moments to make many customers happy.  Something as simple as a few pieces of candy can give them a warm fuzzy memory associated with you.  Oh sure, some people don’t care.  And of course you do run the risk of annoying someone.  But for the most part, a nice gesture shows the customer they are appreciated.

I remember when I first started selling my beads I had fond memorys of buying beads from particular artists.  One sent me a pen with her business name.  I still have it!  And I think of her each time I refind it.  Another sent me a bonus bead or two. 

I decided to adopt the bonus bead policy.  In the beginning, I had many beads that didn’t quite make the first quality cut but were still usable. I was a bit random with my bonus beads at first.  But the thank yous made me realize people loved them too.  While my seconds are not so common these days, I almost always have a test bead or extra spacers.  I put one or two in each package going out the door. 

So many little things in life give me joy.  A smile, a door held open or a piece of candy puts a bounce in my step.  Today, I am going to concentrate on what little things I can do for someone else. 


There is a shade of blue which defines a specific block of time on the New England coast.  The fog has rolled in overnight and crystallized on trees, roads, mailboxes and rooftops.  The moment just before the sun breaks through; the sky and snow are a distinct color.   A shimmering soft blue offers a promise.  It will be a gorgeous, sparkly day full of light and sun.  But for me, the moment before the sunshine is more precious than the warm winter day.  It is the hope of all things to come and the reminder each day is a new awakening.

I love water.  In all forms, there is something about it that soothes my soul.  Today here near the New Hampshire coast it is foggy.  I walked out this morning to smell the salty air and feel the moisture.  I suppose it isn’t for everyone, but the feeling of water enveloping me is so comforting. 

I have great plans to live in a seaside cottage one day.  All I want is a small place with a deck overlooking the ocean.  I long to sit with my coffee or tea and stare out over the water.  I want to have a bit of sand in all my shoes and seashells strew about my house.  Watching my little section of coastline change with the seasons and storms, combing the beach for salty treasures, or just letting the waves chase me to shore are the activities I plan for my golden years.

Until then, I’ll stay happy creating little pieces of my seaside heaven for others to enjoy.