13 winters ago I met my husband.  I was a ski instructor and he was a private lesson.  Within months I moved from Breckenridge, Colorado to Atlanta, Georgia. I went from skiing almost every possible ski day to barely a week a year.  But this year… I’m a weekend warrior. 

My children are old enough, we live close enough and our weekends are all about skiing.  I pack up the clothes fresh from the dryer, rush about to get the house clean on Friday and am ready to go when my youngest gets out of school.  I know I’m the most excited to leave, but my children seem the least anxious to return. It warms my heart.

I think Mother Nature must know.  She has blessed the New England Mountains with glorious amounts of snow this year.  She is presenting New England skiing with flair.  My children are falling hard and fast for skiing.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

When I look at their flushed faces and listen to their stories about the day I realize what a wonderful gift my parents gave me.  I feel blessed to give it to my children as well.  I can’t think of a better way to spend the winter weekends.  Fortunately I don’t have to.


Right now my children think New Hampshire is heaven on earth.  They love snow as much as I do.  And boy do we have snow.  Not only have they had two snow days off from school, but they go to schools that encourage playing outside at recess.

In the past, my children went to schools that had indoor recess when there was snow on the ground.  As a New England native, I couldn’t imagine the reasoning.  I clearly remember the fun of a snowy playground.  If you live in an area that gets snow in the winter why shouldn’t you enjoy it?

Fortunately my children will always think the same thing.  Now that we live in New Hampshire, they get to frolic in the snow every single winter day.  I don’t have the luxury of playing in the snow all day, but I do get to look out my windows.  Isn’t it beautiful? 



There is a shade of blue which defines a specific block of time on the New England coast.  The fog has rolled in overnight and crystallized on trees, roads, mailboxes and rooftops.  The moment just before the sun breaks through; the sky and snow are a distinct color.   A shimmering soft blue offers a promise.  It will be a gorgeous, sparkly day full of light and sun.  But for me, the moment before the sunshine is more precious than the warm winter day.  It is the hope of all things to come and the reminder each day is a new awakening.